Top 10 festivals to visit in Canada 2018

Canada as always said is the best and the most diverse country in the world. It is something that has defined the culture of the country. The best part of Canada is the events that are associated with the overall economy as well as the classes of the people. These events make sure that different communities are brought together and they come in contact. These events also foster tourism as they are also attended by the people from all over the world.

Alberta Culture Days

Alberta Culture Days

Each year a three-day event is celebrated in Alberta in the name of arts and culture. It is organized on the third Friday of the September each year. The event is organized to show that Alberta is a vibrant province.

Edgy Women

This is the best and the most wanted festivals that showcase the intense working done by the women and the transgender. The ways women are contributing to the Canadian society is also discussed to foster growth.

HubCap Comedy Festival

HubCap Comedy Festival

It is the best and the most visited comedy event in Canada. It focuses on the new talent and makes sure that the artists are presented to the public. Standup and sketch comedy are the two main genres.

Brome Fair

This festival takes place in the village of Brome in Quebec. It is the agriculture that is the main focus of the event. It allows the farmers to look for new techniques and machinery to increase per hectare yields.

Brighton Applefest

Brighton ApplefestIt is one of the best and the most visited food festival in Canada. It is the best way for the emerging chefs to raise eyebrows that will eventually land them a contract for sure. The event is about 43 years old.

Planet in Focus

There are many film festivals that take place in Canada. The subjected one focuses on the environmental films that are made. Awards are presented to the best directors and the producers in the said genre.



It is the best event that showcases the talents of the Muslim youth in Canada. DawadotNet is the main organizer of the event and it started in 2004. It also brings the soft image of Muslims in Canada.

Sun and Salsa Festival

It is a food and fundraising festival which makes sure that a large number of people is attracted. It takes place in Calgary each year and the attendance has increased to 100,000 which make it a large food festival.

K – Days

K – DaysIt is a 10 days exhibition that is organized by the Edmonton Indy. It is one of the longest running festivals in Canada and attracts huge crowds. In recent years the attendance has risen to 800,000 which also makes it one of the largest events.

Pacific National Exhibition

The PNE prize home is the biggest event that takes place. This is a 17 days long exhibition and will make sure that you get all the entertainment in form of fireworks, fairs, and performances. This event is attended by over a million people each year.