The biggest music festivals in Canada

Canada has a long and very rich history of music. Here the music is used as a tool to get the communities together so that the diversity of Canada remains intact. It is one of the best ways to make sure that the people are brought together and they get to know each other. These festivals also serve another purpose which is related to the musicians. The events are kicked off by the famous musicians so the aspiring ones can come in contact to learn more. There are many events that are very large and attract millions from all over the world. The tourism industry of Canada is also fostered which means that the Canadian economy is also strengthened. These music festivals also make sure that the people get to know the real Canada that is soft and very friendly. No matter what your location is you can always find such a festival near you.

Calgary Folk Music Festival

Calgary Folk Music Festival

It is one of the most attended festivals that have been active for the past 38 years. It is regarded as a festival that has been regarded highly by the local government and they also fund it. The best part is that the musical performances from 16 countries are presented and over the course of the festival there are over 100 concerts in total. About 100,000 people attend the festival each year. This makes it one of the largest festivals of the Canadian music industry.

Canadian Music Week

It is one of the largest and the most visited musical events in Canada Often abbreviated as CMW this event also showcase the talents from all over the world. It is a 10-day long festival that is organized by the federal government of Canada. There are over 3000 delegates from different countries and over a million people attend the festival each year. The best part is that the festival despite being large is very well organized and is thought to be a great source of tourism in the country.  With the best singers on board, it is also regarded as one of the most authentic festivals of the world.

Beaches International Jazz Festival

It is also one of the largest festivals that are held each year in Toronto. Over a span of 10 days, this event attracts more than a million people from all over the world. The new, as well as the established musicians, perform to make sure that the concerts of the festival remain lively. The best part of the event is that it is completely free of charge unlike the other ones on the list.

Digital Dreams Music Festival

Digital Dreams Music FestivalOver the course of 2 days, about 25,000 people visit the festival which makes it one of the largest musical festivals of all times. With the best and the most advanced mechanisms of music presented the attendance of the event is increasing with every passing year. Started in 2012 this event quickly rose to fame thanks to the quality it delivers to the musicians. It is now one of the most prominent Canadian musical events.