History of music festivals in Canada

The music festivals are not new to Canada as they have been organized for a very long time now. The initial idea of the musical festivals was just limited to competition and non-competition. The competition festivals are the ones that are related to the fact that the musicians perform for some gain or reward and the latter was the idea associated to new artists or the events that are organized for some cause. More forms have developed in the recent years and these forms such as nonprofit have also emerged rapidly. There are some music festivals that are organized to support some cause such as domestic violence. Whatever the form of the music festival is these have always attracted large crowds and have made tons of money for the organizers.

Stephen Coleman was the first person responsible for the music festivals in Canada. He worked under the directions of the administration of Quebec and organized a festival in June 1834 with a group of musicians and singers. This was highly praised by the audience and gave birth to the idea that such events should be organized so that the people could get a new mode of entertainment. William Carter was the second director of the music festival in Canada. This event was named as Handel Festival and was attended by the crowd very much large than the first one. It is regarded as one of the gateways towards the modern musical events that happened in Canada. It all happened in 1859 in the same Quebec City.

Montreal Music festivalMontreal Music festival is perhaps the oldest one in Canada and it is regarded as one of the best festivals that are organized in Canada. This music festival started way back in May 1877 and the first director of this festival was Montreal Philharmonic Society. The first relatively modern film festival was organized in 1883and this was at that time the largest event in Canada. Once again the city was Quebec and the people present at the venue were stunned by the lights in the hall which danced at the beat of the music. This event was organized by Arthur Lavigne and he got the idea of lightning from the events that he attended as a guest. These events took place in Boston USA.

The 20th century saw the further advancement in the industry of music and it is regarded as one of the eras of the history that defined the music. The biggest and the most prominent event that was organized during the time was Cycle of Music Festival of the Dominion of Canada. The best part of this event was that it was not organized at a single venue. There were several centers where the event took place till it completed a cycle around Canada. In 1908 there were several events in Quebec City to mark its 300th anniversary. Over the period of time, the music has transformed to a great extent. Modern technology has allowed the musicians to showcase their talent in a manner that is highly intuitive and innovative.